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05,  · Some choices I already have are Sophia, Charlotte, and Vivienne. Here's a description for e girl, who has: Long brown/black hair, down to her waist. Skinny and pale. 23,  · In 1890, it was e 9 most popular girl baby name in e country. 0 years later in 1990, it had fallen to a rank of 515, and in , it cracked e top 0 names . 01,  · Yes, all ese names are in my list of considerations. Helena. Nora. Carolina. Jo hine. Jocelyn. Charlotte. Emmeline. Leila. Lucy. Violet. Maisie. Eloise. Bridget. Lorelai. garet. Laurel. 17, 20  · I loved old fashioned names for my kids too. I wanted a classic name, and some ing at not everyone was using at e time. Here are a few suggestions, hope you like some of . 20, 20  · Sassy, Beautiful, Old-Fashioned Girl Names? I'm writing a story and I need an old fashioned girl name at is beautiful. e girl is 16 and has seashell colored skin, short pixie cut barbie blonde hair, deep blue green eyes, and is on e short side. 06, 2009 · You might also like Elsie, Rose y, Adelaide, Beatrice, Nancy, Maggie, Astrid, Matilda, Meredi, Tess all old fashioned but beautiful names, my passion! 0 0 Carla. 22,  · I LOVE old fashion names Clara. Claire. Beatrice. Cecilia. Sylvia. iana. Anna ia. Matilda. Irene. Ca erine. Elizabe. garet. Ava. 12,  · Ain't no in' like a classic! Trendy baby names and unique baby names will forever have eir appeal, but what's really forever are ose timeless names at never, ever seem to get old. 29, 2008 · Sharon(?my moms name?or do u want older?) Cheryl(my grandmas name) Doris(my GREAT grandma's name) Stella(my GREAT GREAT grandmas name) Grace. Charlotte. Victoria. Belle. Elise. Elsa. Elsie. Louise. 07, 20  · I adore Amelia. I just ink at's a beautiful name. I'm glad it's not used too often now because I'd hate it to be very popular. I agree wi you, Adele is a gorgeous name. Also Evelyn. I love your list of old fashioned girl's names. Feb 27,  · Many of ese quirky, old-fashioned girl names are moving up quickly on e trend list: Trudy, Celia, Etta, and Lillian, among o ers. ese timeless old-lady names are gaining modern appeal. Baby Names. Experts Predict e Most Popular Baby Names for —and ere Are Some Newcomers in e Mix Real Simple via Yahoo News. 8 mon s ago. Family names, creative names, or resurfaced timeless, old-fashioned names are a few common avenues. 09,  · ese old-fashioned girl names take you back to a time when Facebook didn’t exist but homemade apple pie from a wood-burning stove did. Abigail. Ada. Adaline. Adelaide. Adele. Adeline. Aga. Aggie. Agnes. Albertina. Ale ea. Alma. Al ea. Amelia. Anastasia. Angeline. Angelique. Anna. Annabelle. Annie. An ea. Antoinette. Arlene. Aubrey. Audrey. usta. Ava. Avelina. Azalea. . 23, 2009 · For a story set in e 1800s. For a girl, lol. 05, 20  · I made ano er one of ese by request. Some are more common, o ers are not. Just a mix of old-fashioned girls' names. I made it a is, is, is, or at to give people more options. INSTRUCTIONS: e instructions are simple, really. All you have to do is choose ONE (no more, no less) from each group. 1.) Clementine, Willa, Aga a, or Eugenie? 19, 2007 · I got a list for you, please ignore e numbering I did some editing so names like es er are out of e picture. Classic Old Fashioned Girl Names.. y 2. Betty 3. Barbara 5. Patricia 6. Doro y 7. Joan 8. garet 9. Nancy . Helen 11. Carol 14. Ru 15. Virginia 16. ilyn 17. Elizabe 18. Jean 21. Beverly 22. Donna 23. Alice 25. 26,  · Love em! is is a very nice combination. Bo names are a bit old-fashioned, but ey don't sound 'old'. I actually have Rosalind on my top twenty. ~ Lillian Gwyne. 9/. I would consider using is name. I like it. Lillian is a very fresh name in my mind, and makes me ink of you. Gwyne sounds great! ~ Jacqueline Dianne. 7/. ,  · Camille, meaning ‘young ceremonial student’, have a classic vibe to it, but it’s far from being old fashioned. 20. Candida: Candida is an attractive and musical name, meaning ‘bright white’. is bright and beautiful elegant girl name is a variation of Lucy and means ‘light’. 73. Lydia: If you want a lyrical moniker for. 07, 2008 · I also love classic, old fashioned names. Here are some of my favorites: Anna (Grace) Eva (life) Bella (beautiful) Charlotte (free) Clara (bright/clear) Liza (from Elizabe, my God is a vow) Celeste (Heaven) Cora (maiden) Georgia (farmer) Gracie (grace) Hannah (grace) Ivy (ivy) Lila (dark beauty) Lucy (light) Molly (bitter) Nora (light) Rosie. Along wi Ada and Iris, o er retro names for girls in e US Top 200 include Alice, Arabella, Clara, Daisy, Es er, Jo hine, Lydia, and Sadie. Unique vintage names for baby girls on e rise include Cordelia, Imogen, Posey, and Susannah. 01,  · ere’s good reason so many people name eir children after a favorite grandparent or great aunt. Old-fashioned baby names (for bo girls and boys) have stood e test of time. Old-fashioned names are feminine and beautiful. In e 1880s, e most popular baby girl names were y, Anna, Emma, Elizabe and garet. ese vintage names would be wonderful choices for. 04,  · Scroll rough for 0 of em, 50 for boys and 50 for girls (ough we love most of em for ei er!). Related: 30 Uncommon Boys' Names at You Might Start Hearing More Best Uncommon Boys' Names. Feb 27,  · 20 Meaningful (and Beautiful) Names for Baby Girls. Yahoo News is better in e app Before you turn away from e old-fashioned name, ink . 03,  · Some folks ink of is name as e ultimate old lady name, but no worries: is name has written all over it. Flossie, from e name Florence (meaning blooming), was e 151st most popular name in e 1890s hence e strong association wi being e name of our elder relatives.But we ink it's got a certain cool girl charm at makes it truly timeless. 12,  · What could be better an picking out a name for your beautiful baby girl?Joyful as it is, finding unique baby girl names isn’t easy. Even if parents agree at ey want a name at’s unique, at might include every ing from uncommon baby names, to especially cute, uni, or even super old-fashioned ones.. e Social Security Administration keeps track of e name of every child. 09,  · 235 Pretty And Meaningful Baby Girl Names Baby Names at Mean ‘Beautiful’ And ‘Pretty’ Abigail: A fa er’s joy, beautiful. Alina: e noble one Bella: Beautiful Bellezza: Beauty or beautiful Belinda: Pretty one, very beautiful Bonita: Pretty Bonnie: Pretty or attractive Caily: Pretty or slender Calista: Most beautiful Calliope: Beautiful voice Calixta: Most beautiful or e most lovely. 03, 20  · I love old fashioned/traditional names.. Clara. Laurel. Gretchen. Lucy. Laura. Elizabe. Audrey. Alice. iet. Joanna. ia. Evelyn. Jo hine. Be. my favorite combinations are Clara Elizabe, Audrey Laurel and Gretchen Alice. I love e name Eleanor! I know a girl named Eleanor who goes by Ellie and I ink she's adorable. ,  · 0 Sou ern Girl Names.. Ada Mae: Ada comes from a Germanic word at means nobility . is popular sou ern name calls to mind lazy summer afternoons spent sipping sweet tea on e patio. 2. Alice: Alice is a traditional name at has hundreds of middle names at match it perfectly. From simple names like Alice Ann to Alice Ray, it is fairly easy to find a middle name at matches Alice. Feb 25, 2009 · What are some HOT guy old fashioned names. Like e guy names have t sound hot (EX, Dimitri) and I also want LONG old fashioned girl names (EX, Rose ie) e guy names have to sound hot and be short, also ey have to be foreign. e girl names have to be old fashioned, and long,but not ugly names. anks for e help! (I am curious about names). Gazillions of great, gorgeous, and girly girl names at start wi a G for e dhter-to-be. Stream e original series Disney Family Sundays, plus all your Disney favorites, anytime on Disney+. Stream Now. 05, 2008 · i love your names. for a girl i would pick Lila Cate, for a boy i would pick Preston Coi. 0 2. JJ'S MOMMA. Lila Cate and Lila Clair are all beautiful. Audry Cate would be if spelt Audrey. e only name out of e boys I like is Connor. 1 0. What’s your favorite old fashioned girl’s name? Apr 28, 20  · I'm not sure if you're looking for a sibling or a middle name, but here are some at match: Maeve. Matilda. Celeste. Flora. Iris. Estelle/Estella/Stella. Cecilia. my great grandmo er had two sisters, so you might like eir names: Elsie (I ink short for Elsbe) and Reine (pronounced Rain, it means queen). good luck wi at beautiful name! Beautiful girl names. I love ese names! Not too old fashioned but not too modern ei er. ese are great middle of e road names at are beautiful to boot. I’ve included basic meanings al ough ese can vary. Alexa: Greek origin meaning defender. Feminine form of Alexander. Amelia: German origin meaning industrious. 21, 2008 · I am not fond of ei er one of e names, ey sound dated to me. I know lots of people who have named eir babies Olivia. I don't like old fashioned names like at. If I were to choose a classic name I ink I would choose Victoria. As for e names you picked, Audrey is my choice. I always ink of Charlotte's Web when I hear e name. We’ve searched far and wide to bring to you 0 pretty names for girls. Picking a name at’s sugar, spice, and every ing nice can be an overwhelming task, were hoping you find your dream name below. Girl Names at Start Wi L From lovely Layla to luminous Luna, we have a ton of great L names here—one of which is bound to be perfect for your little lady. Stream e original series Disney Family Sundays, plus all your Disney favorites, anytime on Disney+. 01,  · Retro-Cool, Vintage Baby Names for Girls. Many of ese quirky, old-fashioned girl names are moving up quickly on e trend list: Trudy, Celia, Etta, and Lillian, among o ers. ese timeless old-lady names are gaining modern appeal. 28,  · A very old and dear family friend is Rosie. Her actual name is Rose, and her last name is Duttin. Rosie Duttin. Has a certain ring to it. It`s an old fashioned name, and I`ve never known ano er girl wi at name. She`s always liked her name and we have too. I ink it`s a good choice and one at she`ll be happy wi.

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